2018 Spring Registration begins

The Early Registration of 2018 spring semester has begun and will last to Jan. 13, 2018.  No registration fee will be charged during the Early Registration period.  Please go to the Registration page to check out the registration process or download the registration form.

The Media-Swarthmore Chinese School (MSCS), located in Media, Pennsylvania is a weekend Chinese education school. It was established in 2002 to answer the needs of local Chinese families and families with adopted children from China. For more than a decade, MSCS has offered various leveled classes to many individuals, from small children to adults, from beginners to advanced levels.  We are proud of our decade long commitment to serve the community and the needs of individuals who are interested in learning Chinese language and its culture.

The school opens on Saturday mornings in the fall and the spring semesters (see school calendar for school days).  The Chinese programs has two tracks, one for students learning Chinese as Heritage Language, and the other for students learning Chinese as Second Language. Extracurricular programs are also offered to students and parents.  To learn more about our programs, you are welcome to browse our website, call or visit our school, ask questions and discuss your concerns with our staff. We are honored to help people who want to start or advance their Chinese learning, and to contribute to our community.