About Media-Swarthmore Chinese School /长青中文学校简介

The Media-Swarthmore Chinese School (MSCS) is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious weekend language school located at
Penncrest High School at Media, Pennsylvania, adjacent to southern New Jersey and Delaware. The school teaches Mandarin with simplified Chinese characters and pinyin and Chinese culture. Besides the language courses, the school also offers SAT Prep classes, cultural classes and sport and fitness classes to both children and parents.

The language program has two tracks for students with different language backgrounds. Track A is for students who have come from Mandarin-speaking environments (Chinese as Heritage Language), and Track B is for students who do not come from Mandarin-speaking environments (Chinese as Second Language).

Running from mid-September to late May, school years consist of two semesters (fall and spring).  The school operates on Saturday mornings during the school semesters. A typical school day starts with the language classes from 9:00am to 11:00 am, followed by various cultural classes and SAT Prep classes to 2:30pm.

Founded in 2002, the school has grown steadily from a small to a medium sized weekend Chinese school in the area with more than dozens of language classes and variety of cultural programs.

The mission of the school is to serve interested families and individuals, provide insights to of Chinese culture, and serve our communities with unique resources.

长青中文学校是一个非营利,非政治性,非宗教的周末语言学校。一学年有秋季和春季两个学期。 每校日星期六上午9:00 – 2:30开课. 设有各种程度的中文普通话(国语)课程,中国民族舞,绘画,太极拳,健身,空手道课程,并设有SAT辅导课。

中文课有两个系统,一是为家中讲普通话学生的(Chinese as Heritage Language开设的A系统。 另一个是为家中不讲普通话学生的(Chinese as Second Language)开设的B系统。语言课为9:00am to 11:00 am.

长青中文学校建于2002年,在社区,家长和老师的支持下,在中文日受重视的大环境下不断发展。 我们的宗旨是努力为有意学习中文和中国文化的个人提供高质量的, 方便的课程, 为感兴趣中文和中国文化的人们提供交流的场所, 为社区做贡献。