Drawing Class (ages 6 and up) 11:00 – 12:00

The drawing class takes students age 6 and up, including adults.  No previous drawing experience is required. Focusing on developing student interest in art and art modeling, the class teaches students to use three-dimensional art mediums, draw still life images and copy sample sample pictures, and improve sketching skills.  The class is taught by Mr. Li Guofu who received his art education in China and German and has over 25 years of art teaching experience with students of all ages.

绘画班 接受六岁以上的学生。不需要具有绘画经验。绘画班旨在开发学生们对绘画艺术的兴趣,才华,并使学生掌握,和提高基本的绘画技巧。学生在绘画班学习如何画立体艺术媒介;素描等绘画艺术。绘画班的老师李国富先生曾先后在中国和德国学习绘画,并有着25年以上的绘画教学经验.

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