Karate Class  (age 5 and up) 11:00 – 12:00
The karate class takes students age 5 and up.  The class is taught by responsible and dedicated instructors  from the reputed martial arts center: Amkor Karate Institute.  As a tradition, the class performs their martial art skills on stage at the annual Chinese New Year celebration.  Qualified students participate in various karate competitions. The students also learned respect, honesty and perseverance during the karate training.  This class is held right after Chinese language class.  there has been many years cooperation between MSCS and Amkor.  The karate class students enjoy a discount in Chinese class tuition (see registration form for detail).

空手道班  (五岁至成年) 11:00 – 12:00
空手道班由自负有声望的 Amkor Karate Institute 教练教授空手道技能。空手道班每年在学校新年晚会上表演。合格的学生每年参加各种类别的空手道比赛。学习空手道不仅能够防身健体,其过程更是培养了学生自律,诚实,不惧困难的品格。 Amkor Karate Institute 与本校有着多年的合作关系,空手道班的学生在注册中文班时有优惠待遇





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