SAT Preperation

SAT Preparation Class 辅导补习班    11:00am – 2:00pm

SAT preparation classes help students prepare for their SAT tests.  The classes review the concepts of test subjects, practice test questions, familiarize students with the test formats and test-taking skills.  We currently offer SAT prep classes for the following subjects:


– SAT I Mathematics
– SAT I Critical Reading & Writing
– SAT II Chinese


SAT II Chinese Class

The SAT II Chinese test is offered once a year by College Board on the first Saturday of November.   Because of this timing, our Chinese prep class is offered from the first week of a school year in fall to the last week of October based on demand.  Please check the school calendar for the availability, date and time of this class.


Please note, the SAT II Chinese class is designed to help students espicifically prepare for the test, and should not be considered as a language learning class.  The students who take this class have generally already learned Chinese for about 9 years.


The availability of SAT classes depends on students' demand and the availability of instructors each semester.  Please see the current school year's registration form and class schedule for availability of SAT classes and their class meeting time. 


SAT Tests
For more information about SAT I and II subject tests, and the timing of taking the tests, please visit College Board website at the link below:

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