Registration Policy / 注册规则

Early Registration
Registration fee is waived for any class enrollment before the early registration deadline.  The deadline date is announced on the school website and through school email at the beginning of an enrollment period.

Class Add Policy: / 增加课程
No late registration fee will be charged for adding a class to an existing registration.


Class withdrawal & refund policy / 取消注册课程和退费规则:

  1. If you need to withdraw from a class, please email the school your withdrawal request with the name of your student and the title of the class to be withdrawn. 如要退出注册过的课程,请用电子邮件通知学校. School email/邮址为:
  2. A $25 handling fee will be charged for a class withdrawal if the registration fee is not applied at the time of registration.  如注册时不曾付过注册费,此时需付$25办理费。
  3. Your tuition will be refunded 100% if your class is cancelled by the school. 如您已注册过的课程由学校因故取消,您将得到100%的退款。
  4. Your tuition will be refunded 100% if your class withdrawal request is before the first day of the semester.  在本学期开学第一天以前取消课程,退款为100%。
  5. Your tuition will be refunded 90% if your class withdrawal is before the second class meeting of the semester.  在本学期第二次课以前取消课程,退款为90%。
  6. There will be no refund for a class withdrawals after the second class meeting day. 在本学期第二次课以后取消课程,退款为0%。
  7. Refunds are usually mailed out by the 4th week of a semester.  Please contact the school if you do not receive your refund by the 6th week. 退款通常在开学后第四个星期寄出,如果您第六个星期还未收到退款,请与学校联系。

Activity Fee
In order to allow MSCS to continue providing various events and activities throughout the school year, MSCS is implementing a $15/student Activity Fee for all students under the age of 19.  Please see item #6 in the Credits section below for information on the new Activity Credit, which can offset this fee.


  1. RTMSD Resident Credit: Students of RTMSD residents will continue to enjoy a $25 tuition credit for Chinese language classes in thanks to RTMSD’s support of MSCS.
  2. Sibling Credit: Students who already have a sibling enrolled in MSCS will continue to enjoy a $10 tuition credit for Chinese language classes.
  3. Senior Credit: Students aged 65 and older will continue enjoying a $10 tuition credit for all MSCS classes.
  4. New: Referral Credit: We will begin offering a $10 tuition credit for students who have referred a new family enrolled in MSCS Chinese classes.
  5. New: SAT Credit: $10/subject tuition credit of SAT class will be awarded to MSCS Chinese class students who also take SAT class.  SAT subjects are Math, Reading, Writing.
  6. New: Activity Credit: We will begin offering a $10 tuition credit for parents who have volunteered 2+ times towards MSCS school activities during the previous semester. This credit will only be available to parents of students who have paid the Activity Fee.  Information about opportunities to earn this credit will become available as the semester progresses.  The purpose of this credit is to encourage parents’ participation in school activities.  MSCS has a new PTO WeChat Group that can be used to receive school volunteering work timely.  Please contact Mr. Roger Luo if you have any questions regarding to MSCS WeChat groups.