Media-Swarthmore Chinese School Donation


Media-Swarthmore Chinese School (MSCS) is a registered non-profit and non-political organization which has been providing Mandarin and Chinese culture learning to nearby communities since 2002. Your donation to MSCS is tax deductible, and a effective help to the school for improving its programs and activities, enhancing its teaching / learning qualities and reaching out to more people who have desire to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture.

You can make donation to Media-Swarthmore Chinese School through the following ways:

1. United Ways through your employer

  • Agency Name: Media-Swarthmore Chinese School
  • Agency Code: Pennsylvania: 15859; Delaware: 1186
  • Agency Address: P.O. Box 4271, Elwyn , PA 19063

2. Donate Cash to MSCS

  • Write a check to Media-Swarthmore Chinese School
  • Non-profit organization tax ID: 02-059-7061
  • Address: P.O. Box 4271, Elwyn , PA 19063 Contact: 610-627-9565 or 215-687-5545

3. Gift Matching Program
Some employers offer Gift Matching programs to non-profit educational organizations. In this program, the value of your donation could be doubled by your employers’ match. You will need to check with your employer to find out whether your company has a Gift Matching program.

4. Volunteering Hours for Non-profit organization
Some employers offer finance rewards to non-profit educational organizations for the volunteering hours you worked for the non-profit organization. In this program, your employer will donate cash value equivalent to your volunteering hours to the non-profit organization. The program usually has a required 20 to 25 minimum volunteering hours. You will need to check with your employer to find out whether your company has a volunteering work hours program for the non-profit educational organization.

Thank you!