Wang, Ruiji (王瑞吉)

王瑞吉, 1995年毕业于厦门大学新闻传播系,在中国青岛海信集团工作20年后于2016年全家移民美国。曾经任海信集团品牌管理部部长,海信科龙空调有限公司副总经理,海信电器股份有限公司副总经理兼海信激光影院事业部总经理,曾经在2007年前出版两本关于市场营销的书籍:《出位》、《创建差异》。现在在费城儿童村从事家庭服务统筹管理的工作。很喜欢和孩子们在一起学习中文,主张:亦师亦友,兴趣优先,中西结合,寓教于乐,持续进步。

Mr. Wang, Ruiji graduated from Department of Journalism and Communication,  Xiamen University in 1995. His family came to the United States in 2016 after he had worked for twenty years in Hisense Group ( Qingdao ) China.  He had been the department director of Hisense Branding&Culture, vice general manager of Hisense Kelong air conditioner company, vice general manager of Hisense Electric Company and general manager of Laser TV department. He had also authored two books about marketing be the end year 2007. One titled “Out of Position” and the other is “Making Differences”. He is now working as a family service coordinator at Children’s Village in Philadelphia. He has passion teaching children Chinese. Not only he likes being a teacher, he also love making friends with kids. He believes that cultivating one’s interests should be most important. He continues to make improvements advocating both eastern and western cultures, in addition of making learning Chinese a fun experience.